The King of Glory Comes

This folk-style hymn, suitable for Palm Sunday, Christ the King and Advent, was written by American Roman Catholic priest, teacher, playwright, folk-composer and author Willard F Jabusch (1930-2018) in 1965,

It was first published in volume 1 of Hymnal for Young Christians (1966).    Copyright is still owned by  Jabusch, but is now administered by OCP Publications.

The chorus and first verse are based on Psalm 24:7-8, while other verses recount events from Jesus life and work.

With meter 12.12 with refrain, the text is set to a folk tune which the author learnt while studying in Israel, which is named PROMISED ONE.



Professional duo with folk-instrument accompaniment

Praise band with guitar and drums:

Choir and congregation in a Methodist church, with organ accompaniment

Instrumental: piano and strings:


The lyrics are copyright - but are available on this website.

The son has five verses, each with four lines, and there is also a four-line chorus which is sung at the beginning and repeated after each verse.   A rough outline is:
The King of glory comes,
the nation rejoices.
Open the gates before him,
lift up your voices.

1. Who is the King of glory ...

2. In all of Galilee...

3. Sing then of David’s Son ...

4. He gave his life for us ...

5. He conquered sin and death ...

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