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Come and Join the Celebration (See the shepherds hurry down to Bethlehem)

This children's song for Christmas Day was written by English Anglican medical secretary, organist and hymn-writer Valerie Collison (b 1933). It is loosely based on Luke 2:15-18.

It was first published in Carols for Children (1972), and is now included in various mainstream hymnals including:
and these are the best sources of sheet music for it.

The song is now widely used in primary schools, and also at Christmas Day church-services for families with young children.

With meter 11 14 and refrain, the tune it is set to, also by Collison, is simply called CELEBRATION.

 Adoración de los pastores / The Adoration of the Shepherds - Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682) (ref)



Rock-style soloist:

Children's group doing actions, piano backing:

And another one, with enthusiastic clapping:

Instrumental version - played on the euphonium:

Backing track (lyrics on screen, keyboards accompaniment, no vocals):


The words are copyright - a copy can be found here compliments of the BBC.  

The song starts with a chorus, which is repeated after each of the three verses.  A rough outline is:
Come and join the celebration,
It’s a very special day.
Come and share our jubilation;
There’s a new King born today.

1. See the shepherds
... At the Son of God who lay before them.

2. Wise men journey,
... Bringing precious gifts from lands afar.

3. God is with us,
... All the bells on earth are pealing.

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