His Way, Mine

This gospel-style hymn was written by American Baptist brothers and music-evangelists, Richard Dee (Dick) and Bo Baker:  Bo (1923-2010) wrote the words and Richard (1927-2011) composed the tune.

Originally written for a youth camp group in 1954, the song was first published in 1955 and became widely recognized among all age-groups.  It has been translated into several Asian languages.

The tune is un-named, in 3/4 time, and was originally published in the key of F.

Sheet music (piano score with guitar chord markings) was included in the book Sing'n'Celebrate  published by in 1971 by Word Incorporated of Texas. A two-page arrangement was published by the Dick Baker Company in 1955, ASIN: B001F21XIK.   Second-hand copies of both of these are occasionally available on Amazon. At the time of writing, though, sheet music has not been located via any other source.
Copyright was originally registered with 1960 Crescendo Publications in 1960, and they renewed it in 1988. Subsequently it was assigned to McKinney Music, Inc, and is administered for them by Music Services, Inc.   The latter now lists the song as owned by Lifeway Worship and published by Broadman Press:   it is likely that the song is included in one of their hymnals, but the exact one has not yet been located.



Solo singer with piano accompaniment (slight change in the title):

Solo singer in another language (Korean?) with piano backing:

Choir performance in another language (Thai?)


The lyrics are currently copyright, so cannot be re-produced. But they are available here. A rough outline is:

1 God has a place for every planned creation ...

Chorus: I place my life in the hands of God ....

2 Now in His will my soul finds life worth living ...

There is also an alternative start which some readers have requested, starting "God has a plan for every living being".

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