The Maiden and Her Child

This Advent / Christmastide hymn was written by Irish priest, song-writer and performer Liam Lawton, and originally published in his Ancient Days and Future Ways collection.

With meter, it is set to a traditional Irish tune known as COMFORT (from its use for O Comfort my People)  or BI ÍOSA IM CHROÍSE.



Contemporary music group:

With liturgical dance accompaniment:

Choir with orchestra:

Professional recording:


The words are copyright - but are available here.   The song has four verses, each with four line.   A rough outline is:
In the words of the prophet is written the lines,
... the Maiden is with Child."

On the dust covered hill sides, in the quiet of the night
... for the Maiden and her Child.

In a bitter December on a night cold and still,
... the Maiden lulls her Child.

Across the many countries, across the days and years,
... 'Tis the Maiden and her Child.

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