The Mass is Ended All go in Peace

This folk-style recessional hymn was written by South African born, secular Franciscian singer/song-writer Sebastian Temple (1928-1997).

It is an example of a type of hymn written in the 1960s / 1970s to teach people about what was happening at points within the liturgy. Over time the need for this material has decreased, although these songs are still sometimes used in missionary countries, or when working with children.

Books it was published in include 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 1 and Hymns Old and New for the Irish Church: it appears that it is not included in any currently in-print hymn books, and no on-line examples have been found.

With meter it is set to an un-named tune which was originally published in the key of Bb.



The words are copyright, but can currently be found here. There are four verses, each with four lines. A rough outline is:
1 The Mass is ended, all go in peace.
We must diminish..

2 We witness his love to everyone,

3 Go forth among the people, see men of every nation.

4 Thanks to the Father who shows the way,

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  1. Thank you for publishing this song, I missed it so much and it is still POPULAR parts of Nigeria.

  2. We have a new parish priest and he prefers the older hymns..
    Good job!

  3. Thank you for writing such beautiful music and lyrics for the community to praise and thank God.


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