Haul, Haul Away (Cast the nets wide)

This song is loosely based on Luke 5:1-11, the Miraculous Draught of Fish, and also on Jesus call of the disciples to be "fishers of men".

The words were written by Michael Cockett and the tune by Kevin Mayhew. Originally copyright was held by Mayhew-McCrimmon Ltd, subsequently it has transferred to McCrimmon Publishing Co. Ltd.

The tune is unnamed. it is in 6/8 time, and was originally published in the key of C with starting note G.

The religious song was published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 1.  After that, it appears to have sunk without trace, with no subsequent publications found.  However it has been requested by a reader of this site, who remembers singing it in a Catholic church in the United Kingdom during the 1970s.

And it is similar, in both lyric-pattern and tune, to a secular song released in 2015 by folk-singer Doug Hazard.


No on-line example of this song have been found.   However this is a similar secular song:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here.

The song starts with a three-line chorus, and this is repeated after each of the four-line verses. A rough outline is:
Haul, haul away.
Haul, haul away.
Cast the nets wide and sink the nets deep.
And it's haul, haul away.

1  O he sat in the boat and he spoke to the crowd ...

2  He said "Cast your nets wide where the water is deep" ...

3  O the catch it was huge and the boat it was small ....


  1. I also sang this song in a catholic church in Nigeria around 1973/1974. It was taught to us by an Irish nun and we sand it in a regional choir competition which we won.

  2. This hymn is present in our hymnal at our Catholic church in Mumbai. It's a beautiful song

  3. Also used to sing this in my catholic primary school in the mid 80's have hunted this song for a while but cant find anywhere!


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