Like Olive Branches (Deiss)

This hymn is a setting of Psalm 128  by French Spiritan priest, Lucien Deiss CSSP (1921-2007).  It is sometimes recommended for weddings.

It was the title track in the album Like Olive Branches (Biblical Hymns And Psalms), released by the World Library of Sacred Music (ref) which featured the Bonventure Children's and Adult Choir, directed by Deiss. The album (original vinyl) is still sometimes available from

Sheet music for the particular song is still available from GIA Publications (link below).

A book with choir settings of all 69 hymns from Deiss' collection "Biblical Hymns And Psalms" is also available.


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A Sudanese choir from Canada - live recording in a church service (poor recording quality)

Small choir with band:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here.

The setting has a two short antiphons, one of which is chosen and is repeated after each of the verses. A rough outline is:
A-1: Like olive branches around the table of the Lord, so God's people (children) in the (His) Church.

A-2: May the God of Israel join you in one, in joy and in sorrow, the Lord is your way.

1  O Blessed those who fear the Lord

2   Blessed is the toil of hands ...

3  With good fortune in your home ...

4 Blessed shall your children be ...

5 Blest indeed shall be the man ...

6 May the Lord who dwells on high ...

7 May the sight of many sons ...

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