My Soul is Joyful - Andersen

This hymn by Australian Fr Frank Andersen MSC was included in the Eagles Wings collection, and so is also in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC collection:   This is still available and which includes lead-sheet style sheet music.

The lyrics are inspired by Mary's Magnificat, as presented in Luke 1:45-56.

With meter, the song is always set to an unnamed tune written by Fr Andersen:  it is in a major key (G in the original printing), with a 3:4 time signature, and starts with the notes G F E D ...    The original sheet music suggests a tempo of 162 for this song.


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Original recording, small group with guitar:

Choir with guitars, live recording in a church service:


The lyrics are copyright, and cannot be reproduced here.   But they are available on the first page of this newsletter.

The song has three verses, each of which is for lines long.   A rough outline is:
1 My soul is joyful; my spirit is glad! ...

2 I am His servant; He is truly my God!

3 Holy is His name! Mercy given to all ...

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My soul is joyful, my spirit is glad!
Yahweh is my Saviour! He is my Lord!
Deep is His mercy, gentle are His ways!
He has filled me with gladness all my days!

I am His servant; He is truly my God!
I will serve Him forever; strong in His Love!
From this day onward, all people will see
God has fashioned His Handmaid; God lives in me!

Holy is His name! Mercy given to all
Sure and simple His wisdom! Proud hearts will fall
Good news for children! Food for all who need
Strength and life in the Spirit, given to me!

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