Spirit of the Living Christ

Picture of a dove:   Spirit fo the living Christ, come today and dwell in me.  Bathe me in your radiant light, show me how my life should be.
This Pentecost hymn by English folk-hymn writer Estelle White was originally published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, Volume 3.

An alternative title, Living Spirit, is sometimes used.

With meter, it was originally published to an un-named tune by White in the key of Bb, with guitar chords for Capo 1 (ie A).   The time signature is 4/4, and the first note is high-B.

In 2014, the lyrics were set to an alternative tune, as shown in one of the videos below.

It is not the same as Eternal Spirit of the Living Christ by Frank von Christierson (1900-1996) or Spirit of the Living God by Pete Sanchez Jnr - or many other songs with similar titles.


Male singer with piano and organ backing - alternative tune:

No examples of the original tune have been found.


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website, under the heading Hymns / Spirit of the Living God.

The song has three verses, each four lines long.  A rough outline is:
1  Spirit of the living God ...

2  Give me courage from above ...

3  Holy Spirit make me hear ...

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