I am a Faithful Catholic

This is a Victorian-era instructional hymn for Roman Catholic children about the requirements of their church-membership.

The author and composer are unknown.   Books where it was published include:
  • The Notre Dame Hymn Tune Book - compiled and arranged by Birtchnell and Brown of Liverpool in 1905.
  • Crown of Jesus Music, published by T. Richardson and Son, London, England in 1864 - which set it to tunes by Mozart and Haydn.
  • St Mary's Hymnal: a collection of hymns, songs and carols for use at the Holy Eucharist, children's services, guild meetings, mission services, published by the Sisters of S. Mary and All Saints, Baltimore, America (1891)
  • Cantica Sacra: or, hymns for the Children of the Catholic Church, published by Patrick Donahoo, Boston, Mass - America (1865)

Based on these dates, it is safe to assume that the hymn is now in the public domain.


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Choir with organ:


I am a faithful Catholic,
I love my Holy Faith,
I will be true to Holy Church,
And steadfast until death.

The lawful pastors of the Church,
Right gladly I obey.
Nor heed the guileful words of those
Who fain would have me stray.

I love His Altar, where I kneel,
My Jesus to adore;
I love my Mother, Mary dear,
Oh! may I love them more.

I love my Cross, I love my Beads,
Each emblem of my faith;
Let foolish men rail as they will,
I'll love them until death.

Additional verses added in the Notre Dame publication:

I love the Saints of olden time,
The places where they dwelt;
I love to pray where Saints have prayed,
And kneel where they have knelt.

I shun the haunts of those who seek
To ensnare poor Catholic youth;
No Church I own, no schools I know,
But those that teach the Truth.

If base it is to yield before
The persecutor's rod;
Then baser far to side with those
Who insult the Church of God,

Oh, far from me such wickedness
One treasure I hold dear,
My holy faith. I fear not men
'Tis God alone I fear.

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