Come, Great Deliv'rer Come (O Hear My Cry, Be Gracious Now to Me )

This is a hymn of petition for God's mercy.   It is also known as Come Great Deliverer, 

The words were written by American hymn-writer Fanny J Crosby (1820-1915).

It is almost always set to a tune which was composed for the words by William Howard Doane (1832-1915) .  It is usually known as O HEAR MY CRY BE GRACIOUS NOW TO ME.


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Singer with backing track:

Singer with guitar-led band - professional recording:

Singer and chorus with band:

Choir, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - piano:


O hear my cry, be gracious now to me,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come;
My soul bowed down is longing now for Thee,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.

I've wandered far away o'er mountains cold,
I've wandered far away from home;
O take me now, and bring me to Thy fold,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.

I have no place, no shelter from the night,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come;
One look from Thee would give me light,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.

My path is lone, and weary are my feet,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come;
Mine eyes look up Thy loving smile to meet,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.

Thou wilt not spurn contrition's broken sigh,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come;
Regard my prayer, and hear my humble cry,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.

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