Sing a Simple Song Unto the Lord (Joey's Song)

This children's song was written by American Catholic composer Carey Landry (b 1944).

It was included in the recording and songbook "Hi God - Volume 2" which were released in the mid 1970's and are still available from OCP today.

It was also included in More Songs of the Spirit - Songs of the Renewal volume 2, published in the United Kingdom.

It is set to an un-named tune, also by Landry.  This has a 4/4 time signature, and was originally published in the key of D, in which the first few notes are D E F G.    In keeping with the text, the verse-tune consists of a series of simple scales



Solo singer, unaccompanied, with a very personal interpretation:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.

The song has three verses:  in each verse the 1st, 2nd and 4th lines are the same.   There is a two-line chorus which is repeated after each verse. A rough outline is:
Sing a simple song unto the Lord,
Sing it with you heart, sing it with your soul,

Oh, Lord I love you Oh, Lord I see,
Oh, Lord I love you, I see that you love me.

2 Say a simple prayer unto the Lord ...

3 Give a simple gift unto the Lord ...

Other verses eg "share a simple smile" "do a simply job" "pray a simple grace" can be added as required.

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