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In Thanksgiving and Love

This Offertory hymn was written by Nigerian Roman Catholic musician and composer Sir Jude Nnam (b 1965).

No published versions, or sources of sheet music have been found.  An audio version could previouslybe purchased from Nnam's website (warning:  a sample of the song plays on page load) - but it is no longer online.




Version by the composer and a contemporary choir:

Solo singer with contemporary backing choir:

Small church choir with praise band:


O yes, in the presence of the Lord,
I will bring my gifts
In thanksgiving and love
There is joy in my heart.
It is flowing like a river
I will praise the Lord,
In thanksgiving and love.

1 God our Father, everlasting King
Please accept this gift we offer.
Take our bread upon Your altar
And our wine in the chalice.

2 With thankful hearts and joyful songs,
We approach Your holy altar
Bearing gifts of Your creation
We return what You have given.

3 To You Father, now we offer,
With the host and with the chalice.
All we have and all our being
In this sacrifice most holy.

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  1. Thank you so much. Heard this song at my cousin's 1st communion. The words never left me but then I forgot how to sing it. So glad I stumbled on your page. God bless you.

  2. Each word in this song is heart touching.... I can't stop listening to it.

  3. This is awesome....ever refreshing of body & soul.

  4. So nice!! I'll have a copy for myself and youth group in church.

  5. As our choir was singing the song I quickly Google and lo...I was so blessed. Thank you so much for your support.

  6. A Blessed song! It shall be well with All God's People as they sing

  7. I'm not a catholic member,but I so much love dis particular hymn, I've heard it couple of times dat i attended wedding in catholic church. Can't stop listening to it since I downloaded it. The words and rhythm are great

  8. This is more than wonderful: keep going and work for the Lord.

  9. This God working through every human heart with the song. I am from Papua New Guinea, north of Australia. Love the song. Song is a prayer.God Bless.

  10. great piece here, i enjoy every staza of the music. God bless sir Jude.

  11. I feel free and blessed when I listen to this song. .For sure they is joy in my heart.

  12. Very enriching I like this song

  13. First time I heard the song, I totally fell for it.. So inspirational

  14. Please I've been looking for how to get this song, please someone help!!!!

  15. I must confess I'm addicted to this song,can't stop listening to it.

  16. It’s a great song for relaxing

  17. I love this songs site to download reply pls

  18. This song moved me the first time i had it. So inspiring.

  19. Very great song. Very good. ALL GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS ELOHIM

  20. Some songs will never grow old...

  21. Always love listening to this song, love singing it although a Freethinker

  22. It is a heart touching song I love singing it always every wordimg of this song is a message.

  23. Very meaningful songs. Love to see all of your songs on the score sheet

  24. I love this song so much. Late 2015 I converted to catholic, since then I've been hearing it. It has become my favorite song. Crossover night at my parish St Patrick Benin City, the choir sang it and I was so happy. Sunday 28th Match during our 2nd scrutiny it was also sang and I told my fellow cathumens that this is my favorite song and hopefully the day I get married I will make sure it is played. Since that Sunday there has been no mass during the lockdown. And there was no baptism for my cathumen class at Easter. On Sundays church is empty very few people coming to pray at the altars. And I wonder when everything will go back to normal. Sometimes I sing this song and I know that everything is going to be allright. I can't wait for lockdown to be over and the choir will sing it again.

  25. Pls I implore in thanksgiving and love for the site to download this song.

  26. Please I need to download this song in Thanksgiving and Love mp3

    1. Hi Mark, I have just found that Sir Jude is now selling this song in MP3 format on Amazon, and so I have added a link to it above. I hope this is helpful for you.

  27. Joy in my heart, flowing like a river....Glory be to the Lord Most High

  28. This song gives me joy alot. May God name be praise forever