O Mother of Perpetual Help

This hymn was originally a prayer to the Mother of Perpetual Help. The author is unknown.

With meter 88.88  or 88.88.88 it has been set to a variety of tunes - sometimes with the final two lines of each verse repeated to fit the tune.    These include
  • CORPUS CHRISTI - from the Crown of Jesus Hymnal 1864
  • WINCHESTER NEW,  Bartholom√§us Crasselius (1667-1701)
  • MELITA  (aka Eternal Father Strong to Save) - set by Fr. J. Roel Lungay, 2015  (see video below).
and various other tunes, some un-named.


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Solo singer with piano backing - tune MELITA

Singer with guitar:

Choir with electronic keyboard:


O Mother of Perpetual Help,
To thee we come imploring help.
Behold us here from far and near,
To ask of thee our help to be.

Perpetual Help we beg of thee,
Our soul from sin and sorrow free.
Direct our wandring feet aright,
And be thyself our own true light.

Be thou to us through all this life,
The starlight of this earthly strife.
And Mother when I come to die,
Be Thou thy spouse and Jesus nigh.

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