We Form one Church

This hymn about Christian unity was written by American Roman Catholic priest, teacher, playwright, folk-composer and author Willard F Jabusch (1930-2018).

It was published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, volume 3. In this book it is set to a tune described as simply "American tune". This is actually a 19th century American melody which was arranged by Lowell Mason (1792–1872), called CLEANSING FOUNTAIN and used with the hymn "There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood".

There are some internet references to the text being set to traditional English tune KINGSFOLD.

Today, that book it is no longer in-print and SongSelect reports that copyright is owned by Jabusch himself (ref),

Because Jabusch is American, it is likely that the song was published in some American books from the period (late 1960s / early 1970s) and picked up by the UK-based 20th Century Folk Hymnal series because it was very popular.    But to date, no references to the song have been found in any American publications. If you have any information about where it was originally published, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.



Instrumental version - piano:

Instrumental - piano and woodwind:


We form one church one Christian folk
Redeemed by God's own Son;
Refreshed by clear and saving streams,
We share in graces won.
We break the bread of heaven
To feed us on our way.
We take the cup that holds his blood
To celebrate his day.

We know the kindness of his love;
We know his will to save;
We know he's won the victory
O'er sin and o'er the grave.
To each of us is given,
His portion and his grace,
To live in joy, a life of love,
Until we see his face.

Our hope is based on Jesus Christ,
Our faith is in his name.
A man of sorrows, risen now,
As he himself foretold!
He cares for those who suffer,
He loves both young and old,
A man of sorrows, risen now,
As he himself foretold!

ABC Notation

T:We Form One Church
A:Willard F Jabusch (b 1930)
C: CLEANSING FOUNTAIN - traditional American arranged by Lowell Mason (1792–1872
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
K:Amaj clef=treble octave=0
A,/2C/2 | "A"E3/2 F/2 E A| "D"A3/2 F/2 "A"E A,/2C/2 | "E"E3/2 E/2 "A"(E/2D/2) (C/2A,/2) |
w:1~~~:We_ form one church one Christ-ian folk, re_deemed by God's_ own_
w:2~~~We_ know the kind-ness of his love; We_ know his will_ to_
w:3~~~Our_ hope is based on Je-sus Christ, our_ faith is in_ his_
"E"B,3 (A,/2C/2) | "A"E3/2 F/2 "A7"E A| "D"A3/2 F/2 "A"E A,/2C/2 | c3/2 A/2 "E7"B c |
w:1~~~Son; Re_freshed by clear and sav-ing streams, we_ share in gra-ces
w:2~~~save; We_ know he's won the vic-tory_ o'er_ sin and o'er the
w:3~~~name. A_ man of sor-rows, ris-en now, as_ he him-self fore-
"A"A3 "D"(A/2B/2) | "A"c3/2 A/2 "E"B A | "D"(A3/2F/2)A F | "A"E3/2 E/2 (F/2E/2) (C/2A,/2) |
w:1~~~won. We_ break the bread of hea_ven to feed us on_ our_
w:2~~~grave. To_ each of us is giv_en, His por-tion and_ His_
w:3~~~told! He_ cares for those who suf_fer, He loves both young_ and_
"E"B,3 (A,/2C/2) | "A"E3/2 F/2 "A7"E A | "D"A3/2 F/2 "A"E (A/2B/2) | c3/2 A/2 "E7"B c | "A"A3 |]
w:1~~~way. We_ take the cup that holds his blood to_ ce-le-brate his day.
w:2~~~grace, to_ live in joy, a life of love, un_til we see his face.
w:3~~~old. A_ man of sor-rows, risen_ now, as_ he him-self fore-told!

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