Gaze Upon the Lord

This hymn for Eucharistic Adoration is a setting of a phrase from a prayer attributed to Clare of Assisi, composed by Irish Poor Clare sister Briege O'Hare OSC.

No published sheet music has been found, but a sound file can be downloaded from iTunes using the link below.

A reader of this website has commented that the tune is in Common time, and is described as adagio.   In the key of C, the melody starts on E above root note "C", and the first few notes are  EEDD DC FFEC D EGGG AGFE D CC.

He also said that the chords are:   C G7 C C. FFAm G C CCGdim..F A7Dm AmG G7 FC



Children, with string accompaniment:

Solo singer with light orchestral accompaniment:


Gaze upon the Lord;
Gaze upon his face;
Gaze upon the one
Who holds you in his embrace.
Gaze upon his love
Gaze upon his coming poor
From heav’n above.

Look upon your Lord,
Look upon his way,
Look upon his heart
That opens to each day.
Though he was despised,
The lowest of all men,
Look upon his sacred cross
Which brings life again.

If you open to life’s pain,
Then with it you shall reign
And allow your heart to weep
And with Him you’ll rejoice
Open to His Cross
The wounds of each day’s love
Then you’ll know the splendour
Of His kingdom above

Gaze upon his life,
Gaze upon his love
Gaze upon his coming home
From heaven above,
From heaven above.

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