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Heart of Jesus Sacred Heart

This hymn about the Sacred Hearts of Jesus was written by an unknown author - perhaps a School Sister of Notre Dame - sometime prior to 1921.

It has been set to two un-named tunes:
  • One by Roman Catholic priest from the Jesuit order, R.W. Ratcliffe, SJ.
  • One by Moir Brown.
Sheet music for these is available below, but so far no on-line examples have been found.

Hymnals that it has been printed in include:
  • Standard Catholic Hymnal, 1921, McLaughlin & Reilly, Boston
  • New Hymns by Sisters of Notre Dame, 1930, Burns, Oates & Washbourne, London
  • Perpetual novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus : with devotions for the holy hour of reparation and additional prayers and hymns - 1931
  • Hymns used by the Pupils of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 1955
  • The Assumption Hymnal,, 1964
  • The Ordinary of the Mass and Complete Manual of Hymns for Parochial Schools, 1935

Based on the 1921 printing, it is assumed that the tune and words are now in the public domain in the USA. The copyright situation may be more complicated in other countries.



Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart;
Praise to thee for all thou art.
Spring of Grace the Godhead's shrine,
Throne of Glory, Heart Divine;
Heart whom angel hosts adore,
Would that men would praise thee more.

Heart of our Saviour, Heart of our friend;
Heart that has loved Thine own to the end.
Heart of our King, Heart of our Lord,
Be Thou forever loved and adored.

Heart of Jesus, human heart,
Thanks to thee for all thou art!
Where should we have been or be,
Fount of goodness, but for thee?
Heart so full of love for us,
Would that we could love thee thus.

Heart so holy, heart so pure,
Heart so patient to endure,
Heart that all our sin has borne,
Bruised, humbled, crushed, forlorn.
Heart which we have wrung with pain,
Be thou never wronged again!

Heart still beating in the Host,
Where, alas! we wrong thee most!
Heart so noble, heart so true,
Pierced by all, consoled by few,
Lonely heart so loving men,
Would that thou wert loved again!

Heart so pitiful to heal,
Tender heart, so quick to feel,
Heart so ready to forgive,
Heart so grateful to receive,
Sea of love without a shore,
Be thou loved and trusted more!

Heart of Jesus, broken heart,
Praise and thanks for all thou art!
Shelter in the noon-day heat,
Covert when the rain doth beat,
Home where all find peace and rest,
Be thou known and loved and blest.

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