To Everything There is a Season (Harris)

This hymn about God having a time and season for everything is very closely based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

 A choral arrangement was composed by American Lutheran composer and music educator Ed Harris (1943–2006 - ref) and originally published by Hinshaw Music in 1985. This is still available - link below.

It has the same official title as Peter Seeger's 1960's folk-classic setting (often called Turn Turn Turn), but is a totally different music setting.

Even though there is one single-voice video on YouTube, it's not clear if a separate melody-only arrangement of the song has been published, or if the versification was done by Harris or someone else, or it was taken directly from an already published scriptural translation.



Solo singer with keyboard backing and effects:

Academy choir with keyboard:

University choir, unaccompanied:


To everything there is a season,
To everything there is a time;
To every purpose under heaven
There is a time, a proper time.

To live and die, to plant and harvest.
To kill and heal, to wreck and build;
To cry and laugh, to mourn and dance.
There is a time, a proper time.

A time to cast away to bring together,
A time to be embraced, to be alone;
To find and lose, to keep and give,
There is a time, there is a time.

To tear apart, to mend together,
To be silent, and to speak;
To love and hate, for war and peace,
There is a time, a proper time.
To everything there is a time.

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