All the Earth Proclaim the Lord

Chorus: All the earth proclaim the Lord; sing your praise to God. 1 Serve you the Lord, Heart filled with gladness. Come into God's presence Singing for joy! 2 Know that the Lord Is our creator. Yes God is our Father; We are his own. 3 We are the sheep Of His green pasture. For we are His people; He is our God. 4 Come to the gates Bringing thanksgiving; O enter the courtyards Singing in praise. 4-alt: Enter His gates Bringing thanksgiving, O enter His courts While singing His praise. 5 Our Lord is good, His love enduring, His word is abiding Now with us all. 5-alt: Our Lord is good, With love enduring; God's word is abiding Now with us all. 6 Honour and praise Be to the Father, The Son, and the Spirit, World without end.
This setting of Psalm 100 was written by French Roman Catholic Spiritan (Holy Ghost) priest and composer Lucien Deiss CSSp (1921-2007).

It was first published in Biblical Hymns and Psalms, Volume 1 in 1965, and this book is still available today from by World Library Publications. The same tune was used for a French-language setting which was published in Sur la lyre a dix cordes (1952).

With meter with refrain, the tune has been named DEISS 100 by a hymnal editor - it's not clear if this name was widely used - and it has a 6/8 time signature.  The original publication was in the key of B♭, and the first few notes in this key are B c d d d c B G.

It has been included in various other publications from WLP, and "Toda la Tierra", a Spanish-language translation by Ronald Krisman (b 1946), was included in Oramos Cantando = We Pray In Song, published in 2013.

It was also included in Together in Song: Australian hymn book II, published in 1999 - and it was known in New Zealand prior to that.

The original English-language text included a lot of masculine language for both God and God's people. Over the years, many pastoral musicians have made subtle changes to the latter, eg "Yes He is our Father; we are his sons" became "Yes God is our Father, we are his own." - making it difficult to find the original text on the internet. It is not clear which, if any, of these changes were sanctioned by Deiss himself.



Cantor and congregation, with piano accompaniment:

Cantor with organ:

Instrumental version - guitar:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website

A rough outline is
Refrain / response:
All the earth proclaim the Lord;
sing your praise to God.

1 Serve you the Lord, heart filled with gladness ...

2 Know that the Lord is our creator ...

3 We are the sheep of His green pasture ...

4 Enter His gates bringing thanksgiving...

5 Our Lord is good, his love enduring ...

6 Honour and praise be to the Father ...

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