Shout from the Highest Mountain / Shout to the Highest Mountain

This hymn was written in the 1960's by American social justice advocate and at-the-time Roman Catholic seminarian, Ray Repp (1942-2020). It was originally published by Friends of English in the Liturgy in 1966, and was included in the Hymnal for Young Christians Volume 2.

It is sometimes incorrectly called "Shout to the Highest Mountain", and OCP now describe it as "Shout from the Highest Mountains"

No in-print current sources of the sheet music have been found.

The tune has a cut meter time signature (2/2) and the original publication is in the key of G.  In this key, the first few notes are G GG A G E GG.   It can be played with guitar chords  G,C, & D - although more complicated arrangements are possible.



Original recording:


Shout from the highest mountain,
The glory of the Lord,
Let all men rejoice in Him,
Sing from the highest mountain,
The praises of the Lord,
Let all men know the wonders of our God.

1 For all the good things the Lord hath done for us,
Let us shout out with joy!

2  For all the birds in the trees and the sky,
And all nature as well.

3  For all the children who play in the fields,
May they always be young.

4  For all the people who follow his way
Those who bring joy to men.

5  And for our country in war and in peace,
May we always be free.

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