John 15 (This I Ask)

This hymn was written by American-Italian composer, writer, performer and at-that-time Roman Catholic priest Enrico Garzilli, as a choral work for SATB choir and congregation.  It was published in 1970 in Garzilli's songbook "For to Those Who Love God", although no current sources of this book have been found.    Garzilli's website says that the song is still available in-print - but doesn't say where or how to purchase it.

The hymn has been used as a hymn for the Divine Office, as seen on page 2 of this website.

No information about the tune, or on-line examples, have been found.    If you know more about it, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the screen.


The lyrics are copyright so should not be reproduced here.   However no quotable sources have been found, so they are included for reference:

This I ask: that you love each other
As I have loved you.
I look on you as friends, as friends

Don’t be distressed;
let your hearts be free,
for I leave with you my peace, my word.

If you really love me,
be glad, have hope,
for I leave you my Spirit to guide you.

Too much blood has been wasted,
Too many deaths.
So remember what I have told you, have love.

When the end is near
I am still with you
For I will never leave you alone.

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  1. The music and lyrics are in the Catholic Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours
    Catholic Book Publishing Co. 1976, hymn #106 John 15


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