Glorious Is Thy Name (Blessed Saviour we adore thee)

This hymn was written by American Baptist singer, song-writer and music editor Baylus Benjamin McKinney (1886-1952).

Copyright for it was first registered in 1942 by Broadman Press.

With meter with refrain, the McKinney's tune is sometimes referred to as GLORIOUS NAME.

Jesus - with the hymn title
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Worship leader with congregation, piano accompaniment:

Choir with piano, woodwind and handbells:

Trio with piano:

Instrumental - organ:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on page 19 of this document.

The song has four verses, and a one line chorus is sung (sometimes with repeats) after each verse.  A rough outline is:
1  Blessed Saviour, we adore thee ...

Glorious glorious is thy name, O Lord!

2  Great Redeemer, Lord and Master ...

3  From the throne of heaven's glory ...

4  Come, O come, immortal Saviour,

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1 Blessed Saviour, we adore thee; we thy love and grace proclaim. Thou art mighty; thou art holy. Glorious is thy matchless name! Chorus: Glorious glorious is thy name, O Lord! 2 Great Redeemer, Lord and Master, light of all eternal days, let the saints of every nation sing thy just and endless praise! 3 From the throne of heaven's glory to the cross of sin and shame, thou didst come to die a ransom, guilty sinners to reclaim! 4 Come, O come, immortal Saviour, come and take thy royal throne. Come, and reign, and reign forever, be the kingdom all thine own!

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