My Lord my Master

This hymn by Kevin Mayhew was published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, volume 3  in 1976,  and Songs of the Spirit volume 3 in 1987.  But it does not appear to have been published anywhere since, and no on-line recordings have been found.

It is set to an unidentified traditional Scottish melody, which is in the public domain.   Sheet music for the tune has been provided below,  If you have a copyright licence which covers the words, there is space to write them in.



The song has three verses.   Each has the same basic structure, as shown below, but the second to last line is different in each.

My Lord, my Master, my God, my Saviour,
Lord of earth, Lord of heaven,
I praise you now.
Be my food for the journey,
Be my wine for rejoicing,
My Lord, my God.

Line three in each verse:
1   Be my life, be my freedom, 
2   Be my truth, be my wisdom, 
3   Be my peace, be my vision,

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:My Lord, My Master
O:England / Scotland
C:Words: Kevin Mayhew
D/2E/2 | "D" F2 "A" F/2E/2 | "Bm" E D D | "Em" E2 "A" F/2E/2 | "Em7" E "D" D D/2E/2 |
"F#m" F2 A/2F/2 | "Bm" F/2E/2 D D | "A" E2 F | "D" D2 A/2B/2 |
"G" B2 B/2A/2 | "D" A F D/2E/2 | "F#m" F2 F/2E/2 | "D" F A A/2A/2 |
"G" B2 B/2A/2 | "D" A F D | "A" E2 F | "D"D2 z |]

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