God Almighty (O brothers of Christ Jesus come)

The author and tune of this offertory hymn from Africa are unknown: It is included in the Nigerian Catholic Hymn Book and in Let us Celebrate, without any attribution.

No on-line examples have been found.

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O brothers of Christ Jesus come,
To offer your presents to God,
Give us this day our daily bread,
We ask from Thee through Jesus Christ.

God Almighty, take our offering,
We give to Thee today on earth.

Sins of the world, had made us fall,
The wicked ones, are against us,
O Father, take us from their hands
And make us strong, to o’ercome them.

O Holy Spirit, make our heart pure,
To be good followers of Christ,
Kindle in us, thy blessed light,
Spirit of God, remain with us.

Praises to God, in Heaven above,
Praises to Christ, His only Son
We pray for everlasting life,
All these we ask, from Thee O God.


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