Dawn it is Breaking

This song of thanks was written by British teacher Peter Watcyn-Jones

It was published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, Volume 4 in 1978, but no further publications have been found, and this book is now out of print although second hand copies are sometimes available on Amazon.

The unnamed tune has a 3/4 time-signature and is in a major key. In the key of D the first few notes are A F E D E F G E D C

No on-line examples have been found, although the song is still used in parts of Africa and India.


Dawn, it is breaking the night, it has gone,
Day is beginning; the air’s filled with song.

All around there is music and beauty and peace.
Thank you, O Lord, for sharing these things with me!

Walking through fields hear the sound of the wind.
Carried along by the song that it sings.

Sit by a stream on a warm afternoon,
Flowing along with its own special tune.

Stand on a beach, see the sea meet the sky,
Waves breaking gently while seagulls cry.

Sun it is setting, night it is nigh,
Day it is ending, the moon's in the sky.

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