I Believe that Jesus Died for Me (Oh How can I Repay the Lord)

This song was written by Nigerian Roman Catholic musician and composer Sir Jude Nnam (b 1965). No published versions, or sources of sheet music have been found.

It is also know as PAYBACK TIME or It's Pay Back Time.

Another song with the same title - but different lyrics and tune - was written by American Pentecostal musician, worship leader and song writer Merrill Dunlop (1905-2002), and published in Choir Favorites. Vol. 6, edited by John M. Rasley, Sinspiration, Inc in 1973.



Praise band with percussion:


1. I believe that Jesus died for me
A sacrifice beyond my understanding
Offering himself in place of me
O! How can I repay the Lord?

Father to you we offer (oh)!
Jesus to you this gift we bring
Holy Ghost accept this offering
Which we offer up to you.

2. I believe all that the scripture said
About the love beyond my understanding
Forgiveness beyond comprehension
O! How can I repay the Lord?

3. Teach me lord to love you as I ought
O! Teach me lord to love you all my life time
Spreading love wherever I find myself
O! How can I repay the Lord?

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  1. I can't forget this song. Is amazing singing to my little one.

  2. I really like this song,is so nice to listen to

  3. Very fantastic 👍, good job, I wish to download but it failed me to download

  4. Great hym, God bless the writer.