Mother Beloved: A song to Our Lady

This Marian hymn was written by American Roman Catholic Jesuit, "television priest", Fr Daniel Aloysius (Dan) Lord SJ (1885-1955). It was first published by the Queen's Work magazine, which he edited, in 1934 (ref).

No current source for the sheet music has been found, although second-hand copies are sometimes available on Amazon.


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Solo singer, self-accompanied on organ:

Duet, unaccompanied (lots of background noise):

Solo singer, self-accompanied on piano:


Join your hands, loyal bands, while we pledge one another.
Unity and fealty to our Queen and our Mother.
One our faith, one our love, one our leader and Lord.
One our aim; one hope above; one united accord.

Mother Beloved of God and of men
Here at your feet, faithful we meet,
Comrades of Mary, Redeemed by your Son,
Keep us, who love you in all things one.

Torn in heart, flung apart, is the word that denies you.
Enmity and rivalry, fill the souls that despise you.
We who kneel o'er us feel the sweet warmth of your smile.
Grant us courage, hearts of steel, facing triumph or trial.

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