When to the Sacred Font we Came

This short hymn about Baptism, sometimes used during the sprinkling rite, was written by Irish-born and educated Church of England clergyman and later Plymouth Brethren member John Nelson Darby (1800-1882). It is based on Romans 6:2-7.

With meter, it is set to the tune CAITHNESS, composer unknown, from the Scottish Psalter, 1635.


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Instrumental - piano:


When to the sacred font we came,
did not the rite proclaim,
That, washed from sin, and all its stains,
new creatures we became?

With Christ the Lord we died to sin;
with him to life we rise,
To life which, now begun on earth,
is perfect in the skies.

Too long enthralled to Satan's sway,
we now are slaves no more;
For Christ hath vanquished death and sin,
our freedom to restore.

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