Help of Christians, Guard our Nation

The author of this Australian hymn of petition to Our Lady Help of Christians is unknown:   It is referred to here and in various other parish and school newsletters, but none identify a source, or any published version of the text.

With meter 87 87 D, it is set to the ODE TO JOY from Beethoven's 9th Symphony.   This is also used for Joyful Joyful we Adore Thee and Sing to God New Songs of Worship, and is the official song of the European Union.  The latter is a particularly nice twist, given that the title of Mary Help of Christians originally referred to Mary's help in helping to protect Christians in Europe.



Instrumental version - full orchestra:

Instrumental - guitar:


Help of Christians, guard our nation,
That it be a place of peace,
Where the love of Christ unites us
And all racial tensions cease.
Help of Christians, lead us forward,
With this dream in ev’ry heart:
To create a place of welcome
Where injustice has no part.

Help of Christians, chosen patron,
Of this fair Australian(*) land,
You have shown a way to follow,
True to all that God has planned.
May our lives like yours be faithful,
May our loving be as true,
Till we see our God for ever,
Who has done great things for you.

(*) Other country names are sometimes substituted here, eg New Zealand, Philippine, etc.

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