Summertime in my Heart

This Gospel chorus was published in Action Songs for Girls and Boys Volume 4, published by Singspiration in 1955. This book credited the lyrics and tune to Lois C Johnson © 1940. Renewed 1968 by Lois Johnson Fritsch. No more information about her has been found - but she left a comment on this blog in 2009.

A book published in 2007 refers to it as a Singspiration tune.

The tune published in Action Songs for Girls and Boys has a 4/4 time signature. The words are repeated three times - firstly in the key of F, then Bb, then Ab. In F, the first few notes are CC DD C DC E.

There was another song with the same title but opening line of"Summertime, 'tis summertime within my heart today" which was published in the book Songs of Heaven, published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1959.   This is credited to American composer and pianist Helen Miles Hallett, but no further information has been found about it.




It is summertime in my heart,
It is summertime in my heart.
Since Jesus saved me,
New life He gave me.
Ev'n in wintertime it's summer in my heart!

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