For we are One (If in Your Life Love Abounds)

This hymn about unity in Christ was written by American Judy O'Sheil (details not known).

It was first published by Friends of English in the Liturgy (FEL) in the Hymnal for Young Christians, 1966.    However this is now out of print, and no other publications of the song including sheet music have been located.

The words (but not the tune) have been included in some subsequent books including the Catholic Hymn Book, Nigeria.

Therefore the tune ii is sung to is currently unknown.


No on-line examples have been found. If you know where one is, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


For we are one in the love of Christ.
If we die with him, we will rise up to life.

1  If in your life love abounds,
Seek no further for God is found.

2 O when your brother cries out tears,
Share with him his hopes and fears.

3 O when great joy fills your heart,
Open up, a smile will start.

4 Share all your good with your fellow man,
Walk together, hand in hand.

5 His Body we eat, his Blood we drink,
Of the Bread of Love we eat heartily.

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