What Have we to Offer Him?

The author and composer of this Offertory hymn are unknown.

It appears to be well known in Africa and is included in the Catholic Hymn Book, Nigeria.

Sheet music is available here (harmonisation by Mukisa Michael).

If you have any further information about it, or know where to find any on-line examples, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


What have we to offer him,
Who is God and Lord of all
We have one true sacrifice,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

From the Father came the Son,
Crucified to save us all
This our only offering,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

All true men are joined in him
Who for love has saved the world.
Joined in one as God made man.
Jesus Christ our Lord

Father, take this offering
Take the bread and take the wine.
Take the victim now prepared.
Jesus Christ our Lord.


  1. That song I used to hear when I was still young in Masaka...with late Rev. Fr. Matabaalo and Fr. Kasule Muwuluzi

  2. It was just ringing in my mind and remembered when my brother was being ordained as a priest. What a joy


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