Queen of Heaven Beautiful and Fair (Mother of Mt Carmel)

The author and composer are unknown.

It was requested by visitor who said that it is always sung at funerals for the Sisters of Mount Camel in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The words were located on an internet chat forum, but no more information has been found about the hymn.

If you know who wrote it, when it was published and/or what tune it is sung to, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


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Queen of heaven, beautiful and fair,
Listen to thy loving children's prayer.
Mother of Mount Carmel 'tis to thee,
Saints and angels sing eternally.

Mary thou dids't give the light
On Mount Carmel's heaven-reaching heights.
Pure and gentle Virgin Mother Sweet,
Be the guiding light unto our feet.

Dearest Mother of Mount Carmel,
Beautiful and fair,
Hear, oh hear thy loving children.
Take us 'neath thy care.

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  1. I know this song. I‘m looking online to hear it sung.

  2. This is the information I got from a manuscript shared with me by the Carmelite Sisters of New Orleans. We're singing it for one of the sisters who passed away recently.

    Lyrics by Rev. Joseph M. Higginbothem; Tune by Sister Cecilia Munch, O. Carm.