Fill my House Unto the Fullest

This song of offering, with themes of unity and generosity, was written by Australian Roman Catholic, at-the-time student and later folk singer/songwriter and composer, Peter Kearney (b 1947).

It was originally published in the music book Songs of Brotherhood, which was released in 1966 by J Albert and Son in Sydney (ref).

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Kearney. This has a 3/4 time signature. In the key of D, the first few bars consist only of the note F.

The book Songs of Brotherhood included a piano setting of the tune, by John Eyles (TBA)

Today, sheet music can be obtained by:
  • Finding a second-hand copy of the original on Amazon (etc),
  • Ordering a produced-on-demand CD of either "Songs of Brotherhood" or Make Me a Song (The Best of 25 Years)  from Peter Kearney's on-line store.   Each of these CDs has which has PDF files of the original sheet music (not sound files).

Despite being one of the earliest English-language songs written for Catholic use after Vatican II - and written in the south Pacific - the recordings on YouTube shows that this song is known in many places through Europe, Asia and Africa.   Small variations to the words and tune are evident - as often happens with a folk-song.

Wine, bread and salami on a table



Choir with guitar accompaniment:

Choir with praise band:

Duet with guitar:

Duet, unaccompanied:

Choir recorded in church - light organ backing:

Soloist with band, professional recording:

Guitar led choir:

Instrumental - organ:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on the author's website.  A rough outline is:
1 Fill my house unto the fullest ...

All I own
And all I do
I give to you.

2 Take my time unto the fullest ...

3 Christ our Lord with love enormous ...

4 Join with me as one in Christ-love ...

Note that the last line of the third verse originally was "Love all men as I have loved you.".   The alternative phrase which the author has provided is "Love each one as I have loved you." - there are some other non-approved variations used around the world.

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1 Fill my house unto the fullest, Eat my bread and drink my wine, The love I bear is held from no-one. Chorus: All I own and all I do I give to you. 2 Take my time unto the fullest, Find in me the trust you seek, Take my hands to you outreaching: 3 Christ our Lord with love enormous From the cross His lesson taught: Love each one as I have loved you. 4 Join with me as one in Christ-love, May our hearts all beat as one, May we give ourselves completely.

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