For Thou Art Great

The author and composer of this short praise chorus, which is based on Psalm 86:10-12, are unknown.

It was was included in Scripture in Song - Songs of Praise Volume 1 which was published in 1979, and Songs of Praise. published in 1973, with no attribution.

It is not the same as a song with the same title by Ray Watson, which was published in 1984.



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For Thou art great
and doeth wondrous things.
Thou art God alone teach me Thy way,
Oh Lord I will walk in Thy truth.
Unite my heart to fear Thy Name.
I will praise Thee Oh, Lord
my God with all my heart,
And I will glorify Thy Name forevermore.

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:For Thou Art Great
C:Words: Psalm 86:10-12
C:Tune: Unknown
"Bb"F D F | B3 B | "Dm"AA GF | "Cm"(E4 | "F7"E2) C E |
w:For Thou art great and do-eth won-drous things._ Thou art
A3/2 A/2 (A2 | A/2) z/2 G E G | "Bb"F3/2 G/2 (F2 | "F7"F2) DF |
w:God a-lone_ teach me Thy way, Oh Lord_ I will
"Bb"B/2 (B/2B/2) c/2 B3/2 B/2 | "Dm"A3/2 A/2 A3/2 _A/2 | "Eb"G3/2 E/2 (G2 |
w:walk in_ Thy truth, u-nite my heart to fear Thy Name.
G2) "E"A B | "Bb"F/2 (F/2 F/2) G/2 F _F | "F7"E2 (3E =D C | "Eb"([G4 E4 B,4] |
w:_I will praise Thee_ Oh, Lord my God with all my heart,
G/2) z/2 E D C | "Bb"F3/2 G/2 F =F | "C"E/2 z/2 "F7"(ABc) | "Bb"[B4 D4]|]
w:_And I will glor-i-fy Thy Name for-ev-er-more.

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