Since I am Free

This hymn about free-will was collected by a reader from Sydney, Australia. S/he has not been able to find out who wrote it - and neither have I, despite searching a lot of possibilities. if you have any information about it, please leave a message in the Comments box at the bottom of the page.

The tune has a 4/4 time signature, and in the key of D the chord pattern is:
A / D
G / Em / A / A7
D / G
Em / D / A / D / G / D



No on-line examples have been found. If you know where one is, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


1 Since I am free, I'll speak my mind.
I'll praise my God, for all mankind.
Thanks for the flowers that bloom and grow.
Thanks for the birds, the crops we sow.

2 This sinful world, must pay its price;
Of wars and pain and human strife.
The way to peace, God gave to man,
But man refused, God's simple plan.

3 God made us free to choose or not
Eternal life through Christ begot.
His way is love; What else will do?
His love unites, All who are true.

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