Heart of Jesus Meek and Mild / Heart of Jesus Hear

This is a hymn about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was included by the Sisters of Notre Dame in their 1907 publication "Sunday School Hymn Book, S.N.D.".  It was included in two other books, published in 1935 and 1955. There are comments in internet forums about people singing it in the 1960s, and again at funerals in the early 21st century.   A song by this title (maybe this one, or maybe another by  has recently been requested on this website in 2017.

Based on the first publication date, the words are definitely in the public domain in the USA, and is likely to be in many other countries also.

In the 1907 publication, the text was set to an unnamed tune - sheet music below, composer unknown and no examples found.   However all recent examples use a different tune:  the composer and copyright status of this are also unknown.   There are several arrangements of this shared on various websites.
    The videos on YouTube suggest that it is popular in both the USA and the Philippines.


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    Note: all these videos use the alternative tune.
    Organ and choir:

    Solo singer, piano accompaniment:

    Singer with piano, professional recording:

    Instrumental - classical guitar:

    Instrumental - piano:


    Heart of Jesus meek and mild,
    Hear, oh hear thy feeble child,
    When the tempest's most severe,
    Heart of Jesus hear.

    Sweetly we'll rest on thy Sacred Heart,
    Never from Thee, oh, let us part,
    Hear then thy loving children's pray'r,
    Heart of Jesus hear.

    Make me Jesus wholly thine,
    Change this wayward heart of mine,
    Lead me through this world so drear,
    Heart of Jesus hear!

    When I draw my latest breath,
    When mine eyes shall close in death,
    Then, sweet Jesus, be Thou near.
    Heart of Jesus, hear!

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