Beatitudes Hymn (Gracious Lord, our hands are empty)

This hymn is a reflection on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5.1-10).   

It was written in 2017 by Steven Croft, the  Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Oxford, 

With meter 87.87 D, it was written for the tune BLAENWERN, which was written by Welch church-organist and composer William Penfro Rowlands (1860-1937).   This tune is sometimes used for Love Divine all Loves Excelling (in the UK) or What a Friend we Have in Jesus.


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Instrumental - organ:


Gracious Lord, our hands are empty
Beggars seeking life and grace
Graft our lives into your own life
Gift your Spirit in this place
Hearts of stone we lift for blessing
Hearts of flesh we seek anew
Help our eyes see with compassion
Comforter, our joy renew

Servant Lord, you came in meekness
Stooping low to show our worth
Banish pride, restore love’s sweetness
Help us heal your wounded earth
Give us hunger for your kingdom
Thirst to see your ways prevail
Satisfy our hope for justice
Make us lights which will not fail

Living Lord, your name is mercy,
Love made flesh in life and word
Kindness shown to the unworthy
Grace which can be touched and heard
Pure in heart, you offer wholeness
Open eyes that cannot see
Win for all complete forgiveness
Come to set your people free

Son of God we seek your healing
Over this fragmented globe
Mend our lives, our homes, our nations
Making peace, one seamless robe
Help your church to be courageous
Joined in your eternal search
For the lost, the least, the helpless
Make us more a Christ like Church

Note: these lyrics are reproduced here because they were provided on Croft's blog, with the comment "You’re welcome to reproduce the hymn and use it if it’s helpful. Let me know how it goes." (ref).

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