Lord we Pray for Golden Peace

This hymn about peace and social justice was written by South African born lay Franciscan, Sebastian Temple (1928-1997).

It was originally published on the album "Sing! People of God Sing!", released by Franciscan Communications in 1967. The song's title on this album was Prayer For Peace" Today it is usually know by the first line, "Lord we Pray for Golden Peace" because as there are so many other songs called "Prayer for Peace".

Although the song is not know widely used in America or the UK, it appears to be used as a school song and for teaching in various countries in Asia and India and the Middle East.

The second verse originally started "Keep all men for ever one", but is now published and usually sung as "Keep us all for ever one".

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Temple. This has a 6/8 time signature. In the key of E, the first few notes are G_ F E_ F G_ F G_, and the entire song can be played with the chords of E, B7, A and C#m.

Books it was / is published in include:


Small school choir with electronic keyboard backing:

Small group, keyboard backing:

Instrumental - electronic keyboard:


Lord we pray for golden peace,
Peace all over the land
Where all people dwell in liberty,
Walking hand in hand.

Banish fear and ignorance, hunger thirst and pain
Banish hate and poverty;
Let no one live in vain,
Let no one live in vain,

Keep us all for ever one, one in love and grace,
Wipe away all war and strife,
Give freedom to each race,
Give freedom to each race.

Let Your justice reign supreme and
Righteousness be done
Let goodness rule the hearts of all,
Evil be overcome,
Evil be overcome.

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