O Sacred Heart O Love Divine (Heart of Jesus Hear)

This is a hymn of petition to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was written by American Roman Catholic convert and later priest Theodore A. Metcalf (d. 1920).  The song was first published in the 1888 St Basil Hymnal, and was included in various other books including The Catholic Chapel Hymnal, 1968 (ref).

Recordings on YouTube etc suggest that the song is popular today in the Philippines.


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Solo singer with organ:

Small group, piano backing, professional recording:

Instrumental - classical guitar:


O Sacred Heart,
O Love Divine,
Do keep us near to
Thee; and make our
love so like to Thine,
that we may holy be.

Heart of Jesus, hear,
O Heart of Love Divine;
Listen to our pray’r,
Make us always Thine.

O Temple pure,
O House of gold,
Our heaven here below.
What sweet delight,
what wealth untold,
from Thee do ever flow.

O Wounded Heart,
O Font of tears,
O Throne of grief
and pain whereon,
for the eternal years,
Thy love for man does reign.

Ungrateful hearts,
forgetful hearts,
the hearts of man
have been, to wound
Thy side with cruel
darts which they
have made by sin.

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