O Sacred Heart What Shall I Render Thee (Then I will love Thee)

This is a hymn about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It is said to be based on the revelation to St Margaret Mary Alacoque.

It was written by J Williams - about whom no further information has been found.  

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • Sunday School Hymn Book (1907)
  • Diocesan Hymnal: Hymns for Monthly Devotions Part 2, Fischer Bros New York, 1928
  • Manual of Hymns for Congregational Singing, Prayers and Pious Practices, Popp & Hogan, San Jose, Calif., 1903
  • The School and Sodality Hymn Book, 1900 (ref)

Based on these publication dates, it is assumed to now be in the public domain.


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Choir and organ:   A sung version can be heard here.

Instrumental - organ:


O Sacred Heart, what shall I render Thee,
For all the gifts Thou hast bestowed on me?
O Heart of God, Thou seem'st but to implore,
That I should love Thee daily more and more.

Then I will love Thee,
Then I will love Thee,
Then I will love Thee
Daily more and more.

O Heart of Jesus, come and live in me,
That with thy love my heart consumed may be;
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore,
That I may love Thee daily more and more.

O Sacred Heart, be this our life's one aim,
To labor for the glory of Thy name;
O dearest Heart, this grace we Thee implore,
That all the world may know and love Thee more.

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