O Bless the Lord my Soul - Montgomery

This is a hymn of praise, based on Psalm 103 (104).

The words were written by English poet, newspaper editor and hymn-writer James Montgomery (1771-1854).

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • ST. THOMAS (Williams) - which is an exceprt of the sixteen-line tune HOLBORNb y Aaron Williams (1731-1776):  reviewing YouTube uploads suggests that this is the most commonly used tune today
  • ST. MICHAEL (Genevan) by French composer Louis Bourgeois (1510–1559)
  • INNOCENTS - composer unknown, noted in 1850
  • MALDEN published in 1920 by Samuel W Beazley
  • STATE STREET by Jonathan C Woodman.

This is not the same as O Bless the Lord my Soul by Issac Watts.


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Choir and congregation with organ, recorded live in a church service. Tune ST THOMAS.

Instrumental - organ. Tune ST THOMAS:

Small group with piano accompaniment - ST THOMAS:


O bless the Lord, my soul,
His grace to thee proclaim;
And all that is within me, join
to bless His holy Name.

O bless the Lord, my soul,
His mercies bear in mind;
Forget not all His benefits,
Who is to Thee so kind.

He pardons all thy sins,
Prolongs thy feeble breath;
He healeth thine infirmities,
And ransoms thee from death.

He feeds thee with His love,
Upholds thee with His truth;
And, like the eagle's, he renews
The vigour of Thy youth.

Then bless the Lord, my soul,
His grace, His love proclaim;
Let all that is within me, join
To bless His holy name.

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