Let me Wash Your Feet

This hymn for the Manudy Thursday foot-washing ceremony was written by English folk-music hymn-writer Mike Anderson (b 1956). 

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Anderson. This has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of D, the first few notes are F A EF D_ F G G_ F F E, with accompanying chords D, A/C#, Bm A G A

Sheet music is available on Anderson's own website, or in Kevin Mayhew publications including Catholic Hymns Old and New 2009.



Organist with choir, recorded live:


Let me wash your feet,
although I am the Master;
Let me wash your feet,
now go and do the same.

If there is love among you,
all will know you follow me.
I give a new commandment,
That you love as I love you.

Let faith and hope and love, live,
With the greatest being love.
So take my new commandment,
Go and love as I love you.

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