To Christ the Prince of Peace

This is a hymn about the Sacred Heart.  It was translated from the Latin Summi Parentis Filio, which was the prescribed hymn for Lauds in the Office of the Sacred Heart from the Roman Breviary.

 The original translation was made by English clergyman Edward Caswall (1814-1878), while Anthony G. Petti (1932 -1985) included an adapted version in the New Catholic Hymnal.

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • NARENZA - from the the Catholicum Hymnologium Germanicum 1584, adapted by William H. Havergal (1793-1870)
  • FESTAL SONG, by William H. Walter (1872)
  • ST. GEORGE (Gauntlett), by English evangelical composer Henry J. Gauntlett (1805-1876)
  • A CALL TO CHRISTIANS by  J. Roel Lungay, 1994
and there doesn't currently appear to be any one tune that is more popular than the others.


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Solo singer, unaccompanied, tune FESTAL SONG (SM)

Instrumental - organ - tune NARENZA

Cantor, choir and congregation, organ accompaniment:

Organ with congreation (live recording, poor sound quality):

Solo singer with electronic backing, tune A CALL TO CHRISTIANS:


To Christ, the Prince of peace,
And Son of God most high,
The father of the world to come,
Sing we with holy joy.

Deep in his heart for us
The wound of love he bore,
That love with which he still inflames
The hearts that him adore.

O Jesus, victim blest,
What else but love so fine
Could make you choose to open thus
That sacred heart divine?

O Fount of endless life,
O Spring of water clear,
O Flame celestial, cleansing all
Who unto you draw near!

Hide me in Thy dear Heart,
⁠For thither do I fly;
There seek Thy grace through life, in death
⁠Thine immortality.

⁠Praise to the Father be,
⁠Praise to His only Son;
Praise to the blessed Paraclete,
⁠While endless ages run.

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:To Christ the Prince of Peace
B | "F" AF "Eb" GA | "Bb" B3 d | "F" cA "Bb" BG | "F" F3 F |
w:To Christ, the Prince of peace, and Son of God most high, The
FF "Eb" GA | "Gm" BG "D" A d | "F" c B cc | "Bb"B3 |]
w:fa-ther of the world to come, sing we with ho-ly joy.

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