Consider the Lilies (they don't toil nor spin) - Hemphill

This is a Gospel-song about God's mercy and love. It was written by American evangelical preacher and gospel singer Joel Hemphill (b 1939), It is inspired by Matthew 6:25-34 / Luke 12:22-32.

The song was included on the 1977 album "In God's Sunshine" which the Hemphill family released.

Copyright is registered to Hemphill Music Company.

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Hemphill. This has a 3/4 time signature. In the key of Ab, the first few notes are E cc cd c AA A_D F.

LIllies growing beside water in the creek at Knock Shrine in Ireland


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Original recording, solo singer and band:

Solo singer with piano:

Bluegrass band:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.

 A rough outline is:
1 Consider the lilies they don’t toil nor spin ....

We have a Heavenly Father above,
With eyes full of mercy and a heart full of love.
He really cares when your head is bowed low.
Consider the lilies and then you will know.

2 Now may I introduce you to this friend of mine ...

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Consider the lilies
They don’t toil or spin
And there’s not a king
With more splendor than them
Consider the sparrow
They don’t plant or sow
But they’re fed by the master
Who watches him grow

We have a heavenly father above
With eyes full of mercy
And a heart full of love
He really cares when
Your head is bowed low
Consider the lilies
And then you will know

May I introduce you
To this friend of mine
Who hangs out the stars
And tells the sun when to shine
He kisses the flowers
Each morning with dew
But He’s not too busy
To love me and you.

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