If Now my Mind was Still

This hymn was written by English Roman Catholic musician, teacher and at-that-time religious sister Estelle White (1925-2011).

It was published in Hymns Old and New for the Irish Church and the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, Volume 3, but does not appear to have found widespread use as a hymn. However sheet-music for a SA choral setting by Christopher Walker is still available through Amazon (link below under Downloads).

The song was included in a CD titled "Sisters in Song Rejoice!" which was recorded in the year 2000 by an 80 voice choir of Roman Catholic Sisters from around the world, directed by composer, Christopher Walker and sold to raise funds to support the retirement needs of priests and religious sisters and brothers in US Congregations.

Initially it was set to a very simple (format AABA) unnamed tune by White. This has a 3/4 time signature. In the key of C, the first few notes are E G D E DC, accompanied by chords C / G / C


CD available from Amazon


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If now my mind was still, empty of self,
Cleansed of desire and will, all my thought's wealth.
Then where no ear can reach, deep in my soul,
I'll know the living Word, who makes me whole.

All my imaginings cannot suffice,
And if my thoughts have wings they carry pride.
Wut where no eye can see, deep in my soul,
His love can pierce the dark, making me whole.

So in my emptiness, waiting until
I give my mothingness to be fulfilled,
He where no hand can touch, deep in my soul,
Pours out his love divine and makes me whole.

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