Come to Jerusalem (rejoicing before him) - Dean

This hymn of praise has verses for Palm Sunday, Ascension and Christ the King. It was written by English modern choral composer, publisher and professional church musician, Stephen Dean (b 1948) in 1992, based on Psalm 46 (47).

It was published in the 2012 (and perhaps earlier) editions tradition Laudate, an English Roman Catholic hymn book, published by Decani Music, which Dean edited. This book is the only source of sheet music for the hymn.   It is in-print, and available from Decani and through Amazon

Downloads and Examples

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The lyrics are copyright so should not be reproduced here. But they are currently unavailable elsewhere. A rough outline is:
Come to Jerusalem, rejoicing before him,
Greet him with loud hosannas,
Bow down before him.

1 All peoples clap your hands,
Cry out to your Maker.
God is the Lord of all
O tremble and fear him.

2 God mounts the throne with joy
With blaring of trumpets!
Sing praise to God almighty
King of all nations.

3 God is the king of all the nations
O praise him.
Praise him with your skill,
Enthroned in his temple.

4 People and princes come
In homage to meet him.
God of the mighty one,
The world is his kingdom.

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