Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley

This is a hymn of encouragement in times of difficulty.   It is usually described as an American folk hymn or spiritual, attributed to "traditional" 

It started to be included in hymnals in the USA during the second half of the 20th century - but was likely in use before that.  Some writers believe that it's current form is likely a combination of a simplified Appalachian folk song an African-American spiritual.   

The allusion to the Kedron Valley where Jesus walked makes the song suitable for Lent and Good Friday - but it is not confined to these seasons.

With meter of 88.10 8, it is set to a tune called LONESOME VALLEY, which is an African-American spiritual, composer unknown.

As well as the traditional four verses, various others have been added in different publications - including some that emphasise the communal nature of Christian life, eg "
As we walk our lonesome valley, We do not walk it by ourselves, For God sent His Son to walk it with us, We do not walk it by ourselves."

An extra three verses by Jack Schrader were included in Worship and Rejoice (2001, Hope Publishing Company), which focus the song on Jesus resurrections:
"Jesus prayed for His disciples; ... nobody else could bear such sorrow ..."
"Jesus died on Calvary’s mountain ... O, nobody else could die for sinners... "
"Jesus rose from death’s dark prison ... O, nobody else could bring us victory ...."


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Jesus walked this lonesome valley,
he had to walk it by himself;
O, nobody else could walk it for him,
he had to walk it by himself.

We must walk this lonesome valley,
We have to walk it by ourselves;
O, nobody else can walk it for us,
We have to walk it by ourselves.

You must go and stand your trial,
You have to stand it by yourself,
O, nobody else can stand it for you,
You have to stand it by yourself.

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