The Light Of Christ - Fishel

This hymn about Jesus coming into the world as "the light" is particularly appropriate for Easter, but can be used for most of the year.

It was the second hymn written by American musician (flautist), computer programmer and music-editor Donald Emry Fishel (b. 1950)  - and written while he was still in college, and involved with the Roman Catholic charismatic movement (ref).

It was first released by The Word of God in 1974,    Hymn-books that it has been published in include:
Today, copyright is managed by Fishel's publisher, International Liturgy Publications.

Sheet music is available from these books - or as a single item from OCP Publiations (link below).

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Fishel. This has a 2/4 time signature. In the key of C, the first few notes of the chorus are G_ EF GE C_ C FEDC D_ with accompanying chords C / F / Dm / G.

Light eminating from Jesus on the Cross, surrounded by blue sky


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Worship team with piano - recorded live in a church service:

Small group with backing band:

Singer with guitar:

Singer, self-accompanied on electronic keyboard:

Instrumental - piano with flute:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
The light of Christ has come into the world,
The light of Christ has come into the world.

1 We must all be born again(*) to see the kingdom of God ...

2 God gave up his only Son ...

3 The light of God has come to us ...

Originally "All men must be born again"

See more ...

1. All men must be born again
to see the kingdom of God
The water and the Spirit
bring new life in God's love

2. God gave up His only Son
out of love for the world
So that all men who believe
in Him will live forever

3. The light of God has come to us
so that we might have salvation
From the darkness of our sins
we walk into glory with Christ Jesus.

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