Joan of Arc They are Calling You

This song, which shows French soldiers' in World War I calling out to Joan of Arc, was written by American lyricists Alfred (Al) Bryan (1871-1958) and Willie Weston. It is set to music composed by Jack Wells (1880-1935) (ref).

It was published in 1917 by Waterson, Berlin ad Snyder Co, New York, and appeared in the musical production, This Way Out. This timing means that the entire work is now in the public domain in the USA - but in many other countries the words are still copyright.  It was also released in Australia by D Davis & Co, Sydney (ref).

Although she was not declared a saint until 1920, Joan of Arc represented the devotion of the soldier who fought for France, and during World War I, it was common for French soldiers to carry an image of Joan of Arc when going into battle. This English language song, written in the USA, is based in the friendly American public sentiment towards the French people when America became involved in the war.



World War I era recording - singer with orchestra:


While you are sleeping,
Your France is weeping,
Wake from your dreams, Maid of France.
Her heart is bleeding;
Are you unheeding?
Come with the flame in your glance;
Through the Gates of Heaven, with your sword in hand,
Come your legions to command.

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc,
Do your eyes, from the skies, see the foe?
Don't you see the drooping fleur-de-lis
Can't you hear the tears of Normandy?
Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc,
Let your spirit guide us through.
Come lead your France to victory;
Joan of Arc, they are calling you.

Alsace is sighing,
Lorraine is crying,
Their mother, France, looks to you.
Her sons at Verdun;
Bearing the burden,
Pray for your coming anew;
At the Gates of Heaven, do they bar your way?
Souls that passed through yesterday.

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